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The Path Stars Totally Understand How People Would Join a Religion Led By Hugh Dancy

Hulu’s newest series, The Path, is a dark look at a cult-like religion—actually, as the characters will point out every time someone from the outside uses the c-word, it’s not a cult. It’s a movement. While its founder is in Peru “transcribing” the final tenets of the belief system he created, Hugh Dancy’s Cal is on the ground in upstate New York trying to get more people to join the grassroots Meyerist Movement.

And Aaron Paul (Eddie) and Michelle Monaghan (Sarah), who play the married couple at the center of the new show, which debuts on March 30, totally get it.

“He is so perfect for this role,” Paul tells E! News. “He’s just so charismatic, so charming, and that’s what this role has to have. And I absolutely buy into everything he is selling.”

Would they follow a movement created by the handsome British actor? “Fancy Dancy? Absolutely,” jokes Monaghan.

While Sarah was raised in the Scientology-esque Meyerism, Eddie converted, and the first episode kicks off when Eddie questions the religion to which he’s dedicated his life.

“Aaron’s character is suffering something of a crisis of faith, and the question is whether he has grounds for that or not,” explains Dancy. “There is a kind of transition of power—or maybe leadership is a better word—and my character Cal is basically positioning himself to take over. And the question is, is that a benevolent thing? Is he trying to keep the ship from sinking or does he have more personal ambition?”

At the same time, Rockmond Dunbar’s detective character is investigating whether the seemingly peaceful Meyerists are not as benign as they seem. “I start investigating slowly but surely and open up a can of worms,” he explains.

Press play on the video above to see the actors explain what their new show is all about—and why everyone, regardless of religious affiliation, will relate to the thrilling new show.

The Path debuts Wednesday, March 30. New episodes will hit Hulu each week.


March 29th, 2016

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