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TVLine: Honorable Mention

HONORABLE MENTION | In the course of just seven episodes, Hugh Dancy has made his last TV alter ego, Hannibal’s Will Graham, seem downright chipper in comparison to the tormented cult leader he’s currently playing on Hulu’s The Path. As Wednesday’s installment drew to a close, Cal was informed that he is not destined to take over as leader of the Meyerist Movement, after all — and, what’s more, Meyerism might not even be real. In a matter of seconds, Dancy took Cal from stunned sadness to blind rage, as he murdered the man who had delivered such infuriating news. Then, as Cal cleaned up the grisly scene and washed off Silas’ blood in the shower, he reverted back to a scared man who seemed to recognize he’d lost all control. Sure, Dancy does an excellent job of making us fear Cal, but he’s even better at making us pity the man — and we applaud him for making such a messed-up character seem worthy of sympathy. / Source

May 7th, 2016

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