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Hugh Dancy Joins ‘Fifty Shades Darker’

“Hannibal” star Hugh Dancy is set to join Universal’s “Fifty Shades Darker,” sources confirmed to Variety.

Kim Basinger, Eric Johnson and Bella Heathcote have also recently joined the cast, with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan returning to reprise their roles of Anastasia Steele and Grey, respectively. James Foley is taking over directing reins from Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Dancy will play Dr. Flynn, Grey’s psychiatrist in the books.

Luke Grimes, Eloise Mumford and Max Martini are also returning to the cast, with Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti producing along with author E.L. James and Marcus Viscidi. Niall Leonard and James are penning the script.

Universal is planning to shoot “Fifty Shades Darker” and the final pic, “Fifty Shades Freed,” back-to-back, with “Darker” set to bow Feb. 10, 2017. “Darker” is currently in production.

Dancy currently stars on Hulu’s drama “The Path” with Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan. He previously starred on NBC’s “Hannibal” and he was nominated for an Emmy for his playing the Earl of Essex in HBO’s miniseries “Elizabeth I.”

He’s repped by UTA, United Agents, Parseghian Planco and Jackoway Tyerman. The Hollywood Reporter first reported the news. Source

April 7th, 2016

‘The Path’ Star Hugh Dancy on Cal’s Shocking Secret and “Deep-Seated Fear”

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the first three episodes of The Path.]

In the world of The Path, Hugh Dancy’s Cal has been a confident and charismatic leader within the religious movement at the center of the show. But the third episode of the series gave viewers a glimpse at what’s been going on beneath the surface, and what was revealed was pretty dark. Not only is Cal helping to conceal the deathbed illness of the founder of the movement, Steve Meyer, but he’s using that information to position himself as the next leader of the movement.

Viewers also learned a lot more about Cal’s background through a toxic visit with his alcoholic mother (played by Kathleen Turner) and learned how close to the edge he lives. The Hollywood Reporter talked to Dancy about what all this means for Cal, and whether we can trust his motivations.

This episode is quite a turning point for Cal. He’s been kind of mysterious up to this point. Given what happens with him, was it important to learn something sympathetic about him, that he’s coming from this background with alcoholic parents, at the same time that we learn he’s keeping this huge secret from the movement?

I didn’t think of it as a counterbalance, exactly. For me, actually, the fact of him keeping the secret, I’m as sympathetic towards that as I am towards the difficulties of his background, because I think that he’s chosen to do something that is incredibly difficult and lonely in order to preserve this thing that he believes in. And I guess what you understand by seeing him with his mum and learning a bit about his background is why it’s so important to him and why, in a sense, he couldn’t afford to have this belief system collapse because it’s probably the only thing that’s holding him together. So the two things inform each other a bit.

So part of why he feels compelled to go that far is that he needs this movement as much as the movement needs Steve to still be alive.

I think, yeah. He’s taking on that responsibility for lots of very complicated reasons, but one of them is just simple self-preservation. And you could also say, and I’m sure he would say, that he can speak personally to the power of message and the beauty of the message and its ability to save people, so why wouldn’t he want to preserve that message for other people? That’s part of it.

Is Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) his only real confidante?

Yes, except that even she is not really his confidante. I don’t think he has one. The only people that he’s really honest with, able to speak frankly with — I guess we only meet them in the fourth episode — but there are three other people in the movement who are on the same level as him. They’re the other three people on the upper rungs, on the tenth rung of the ladder, and those three people are people that were there, unlike Cal, when the thing was founded, and they’re the only other people who know that Steve is essentially on his deathbed. But they’re not necessarily so happy with the way that Cal is driving it.

He also brings Miranda Frank (Minka Kelly) to town and tells Sarah that he thinks it’s a way to help her marriage. Does he really believe that, or is there this underlying need to get between her and Eddie (Aaron Paul) in that action?

I remember asking myself exactly that question, and I think it’s all of the above. I think part of it is because he knows something’s up with Eddie. He knows Eddie’s hiding something from him and it’s something to do with what happened in Peru. But I think Cal hasn’t even begun to imagine that Eddie might be losing his faith. It’s odd that that would be like the last thing on his list, but there are enough secrets that Cal’s keeping to his own chest that he can’t have somebody else keeping them, too. I think he genuinely does want to believe that he’s paying extra special care because it’s Sarah and he wants to look out for her. But by this point in the story, his more animal instincts are tuning in that there’s a weakness in that marriage. I always think that Cal is always striving to act according to the best intentions.

Sometimes it seems a little bit like he wants to be good, but when he looks at Sarah, she’s someone who just is good, it’s not a quest for her the way it is for him.

Yes, I think that’s true. I think she’s not in any way dealing with the same. … First of all, she doesn’t have the same things on her plate as he does, and he’s spared her that, basically. Secondly, he’s coming from this very broken place. But I also suspect that if the show goes on, if we get to tell more of the story, my feeling is that there’s more to Sarah than meets the eye. I don’t think she’s so selfless or so unambitious or whatever. She’s certainly got steel running through her. So, we’ll see.

Do you think he underestimates that about her, that he sees her as someone who’s purely good?

In that respect, I think he’s put her on a pedestal, very much, but I also think — he’s not the only person — but he’s one of the people who says to her, “You should step up. You could play a bigger part.” Certainly, as we get later into the season, he’s thinking in those terms. So he’s actually encouraging her in that respect. But I think the way he looks at her is very much like the guy who loved her when they were both 16 or 17 or whatever, and then that ended, and he put it on ice, and he’s never really moved on. She’s occupied this symbolic role for him and he almost needs her to be that symbol and it’s not totally wrong, but it’s not the full story. 

There are two different moments in the episodes where people imply that fate is at play, where his mother says wanting to be someone else never works, while Sarah, when he tells her that he thinks he might be fated to take over, says, “It’s always been you.” Is part of why he’s so invested in Meyerism the sense that that’s the fated person that he wants to be, rather than what he’s afraid might be true, according to his mother?

Maybe, but if you think about it, those two predictions counter each other. Because his mum is saying, “You may think you can get away from this place, but you’re always going to end up back here. This is where you’re from.” And Sarah’s saying, “You were always destined to be leading the movement.” I think when he hears his mum say that, it triggers him to go back and announce himself to Sarah as the leader. Because he, basically, is thinking, ‘You know what? Screw that, I will choose my own fate,’ but part of that comes from a deep-seated fear that she might be right.

New episodes of The Path debut every Wednesday on Hulu.


April 6th, 2016

The Path – Episode 3 – Screen Captures

I have added screen captures from episode 3 of The Path. You can click on the thumbnails or gallery links to go to the albums. Also, remember, that The Path’s first two episodes as well as the third are available for streaming on Hulu. Sign up and get to watching/rewatching now over at Hulu. This weeks episode delved a little deeper into Cal’s past and Hugh did a phenomenal job once again! [ warning: this album contains spoilers. ]

April 6th, 2016

‘The Path’ 1×03 Recap Chat: Co-Star Hugh Dancy

Cal Robertson comes more fully into view in “A Homecoming,” the first new episode of The Path following last week’s double-decker premiere. If you thought being in a cult warped Cal’s brain, here’s another fact for your diagnosis: His mother is a sad, charmless, drunk hermit played by Kathleen Turner. We sat down with actor Hugh Dancy, who plays Increasingly Complicated Cal, to talk about the episode.

“It’s a show about intimacy to a degree. The people on the show are seeking connection and truth and openness, though they’re not always succeeding.”

You are from the U.K., but I’ve only seen you in shows like Hannibal and The Path where you use an American accent. How did you work out your American accent?

Doing it for a living, I’ve gotten increasingly comfortable with it. I grew up in England, and we were heavily exposed to American culture as you can imagine, so it wasn’t such a huge leap.

And you’re married to an American [Claire Danes].

Yes. I think I was playing an American when we met.

The Path has a much more naturalistic sensibility than Hannibal. Does The Path use a smaller crew?

It’s not necessarily a smaller crew, but the shows operate much differently with the lighting and camera setups. On The Path, we’re using three cameras almost all the time with fairly minimal lighting. On Hannibal, the lighting — or, in some cases, lack of lighting — was much more stylized.

The Path feels like a much more intimate, personal show.

It’s a show about intimacy to a degree. The people on the show are seeking connection and truth and openness, though they’re not always succeeding.

And it’s a show about a family in the way that Parenthood and Friday Night Lights — Jason Katims’ two previous shows — were oriented around families.

That was noticeably absent in Hannibal. [Laughs.]

You are in Peru at the beginning of this episode, so you know that Dr. Stephen Meyer [Keir Dullea] is in a coma, and you tell a few fibs about that. Do you see that as Cal papering over some doubts or being an opportunist?

Cal knew as the season started that Stephen was potentially on his deathbed, so he’s convening at the beginning of this episode there with some of the 10R elders. They have gathered to hear the doctor say that we’ve run out of hope, but that’s not news to them. Cal is not somebody who ever had ambitions of leading the group and he is still a believer, but his original beliefs had Steve leading this group forever. The movement has saved his life, and he needs to bridge to a second generation. To do that he has to keep a lot of secrets, and he sees that as a selfless thing. As the season goes on, that will increasingly dovetail with his own drive and ambition.

The movement is not based on thinking Dr. Meyer is divine, right?

Not exactly. Steve told us that he would provide the 13 rungs that would be The Ladder to progress up until we get to The Garden, and the whole movement is predicated on that. The idea that he’s going to die from mundane causes before he finishes that is a major fault line. It undercuts everything we’ve understood.

“You need a fierce and vulnerable actress to play [Brenda Roberts], and [Kathleen Turner] has both of those things in spades. There’s no vanity about it.”

What is so disturbing to Eddie [Aaron Paul] about seeing Dr. Meyer in that condition?

Sarah [Michelle Monaghan] is talking to Mary [Emma Greenwell] in the first episode and says that Steve is off in Peru completing the final rungs and that he “lives in the light.” That is the line that has been propagated — that he’s reached this level of purity where he’s bathed in light and completing the rungs for their spiritual salvation.

So Eddie feels like he’s been sold some BS about that?

I don’t think he knows what he feels. When you live inside a belief system like that, just seeing Steve like that is not enough for him. He doesn’t think everything he’s been told is bullshit. It takes a while to process that.

Kathleen Turner plays your mother in this episode. Is this the first time you’ve worked with her?

I had not worked with her, but I had shared a train ride with her once. [Laughs.]

So did you see her on set before she was dressed out as the drunk mom?

We shot all of those scenes over a couple of days, so we didn’t have a lot of rehearsal time. You need a fierce and vulnerable actress to play that kind of part, and she has both of those things in spades. There’s no vanity about it.

Does she want you to take that drink because she wants you to give her something — to do something you don’t want to do — or was it more about getting you to admit something about yourself?

She knows that I have the same weakness that she does, and she’s using that, but mostly she’s trying to pull me back into her life. It infuriates her that I’ve chosen this other parent and this other life over her, and she knows that I’m just a drunk like her.

She explains some of your backstory that you went into the movement fairly young and not of her doing.

That’s right. The backstory is that my father was — like her — an alcoholic, but he extricated himself from that and took me to join this nascent movement. After a certain point, he got out and I was old enough to stick around.

So Steve Meyer then becomes your father figure.

Yes, he was very much my father figure.

“The real thing [Cal is] committing to is loneliness.”

There’s more discussion in this episode than in the first two about the various rankings in the movement. Cal is a 10R. Who are the other 10Rs?

Steve has written 10 of the 13 rungs, so 10R — 10 rungs — is as high as you can progress. Cal is 10R, the two elders who are with Cal at the beginning are 10R, and Silas is 10R.

Do we have enough evidence at this point to know why you would be a 10R and be so much younger than the others?

Cal grew up in the movement and essentially became Steve’s adoptive son. Cal and Sarah and Eddie were young stars in the movement, but Cal dropped away everything in his life that wasn’t related to the movement.

What are Sarah and Eddie’s rank?

Sarah is an 8R. When we see Eddie at the beginning of the series — when he’s on hallucinogens, by the way — he’s in the process of obtaining 6R. We talk more as the season goes on about achieving the rungs. There’s a book for each rung, and there are tasks for each rung. The writers’ room has a clear idea about that underlying structure, but you don’t necessarily see a lot of that.

You’re coming from Hannibal, which had a deep mythology, to another show with a deep mythology. Have you thought much about that?

In the case of Hannibal, the mythology was more the richness of the source material — the Thomas Harris novels — where here the mythology is the underpinnings. I think you could say the same of any good piece of writing. If you’re in a good family drama you’re only going to see the surface, but the actors need to know much more detail about the intricacies and dynamics of the family. I think that’s a quality of good storytelling.

You seem to downplay Cal’s messianic ambitions a bit. Do you think there’s not much evidence of that ambition?

When we shot the scene toward the end of this episode when I come back from Peru and break the news to her in a not-completely-honest way that Steve is working on the final rungs and invite her to recognize that I’ll be a leader, my reading of that was that he was acting out of the shock of the experience of his mother and coming back to where he began and fully committing to that.

The commitment that he’s making is ambitious on paper — he’s committing to the idea of being a leader, and that ambition will grow — but the real thing he’s committing to is loneliness. He’s signing off on never being able to share the truth of what is happening with Steve and everything that means to him, including the fact that he must have some greater doubts about the whole belief system.

Is that the source of the mixed signals he sends Mary?

I think the source of that is that he’s really drawn to her.

Is the implication that he should be alone?

He knows that the nature of his attraction to Mary is not a very elevated one. [Laughs.] Since his teens, Cal has basically been celibate. He’s got big self-control issues, and he has probably been very self-denying. He has also put Sarah on a pedestal and made her a symbol of purity and effortless virtue within the movement. He’s fighting the other side of his nature with Mary. – Source

April 6th, 2016

LA Times Photoshoot

I have added high quality images of Hugh’s photoshoot with LA Times for The Path promotion to our photo archive. Also, for those wondering about “The Path” episode 3 screen captures, they are coming later today. I’m giving a little time for those who haven’t seen it to watch and not be spoiled once they are posted.

April 6th, 2016

The Path – Episode 4: Sneak Peek

April 6th, 2016

Variety Photo Session

I have added three images from the Variety photo session to our photo archive.

April 5th, 2016

Robot Chicken: Joel Hurwitz Returns – Screen Captures

I have added screen captures of Hugh’s voiced scenes in the latest episode of Robot Chicken “Joel Hurwitz Returns”. If you would like to see the episode it is available on itunes. Hugh did a fantastic job voicing various characters, I highly recommend it for all of us Hughvians/Fannibals.

April 4th, 2016

Full list of 2016 TV WEEK Logies nominees

ALEX DIMITRIADES – Matt Bashir, The Principal, SBS

HUGH DANCY – Ellis Ashmead Bartlett, Deadline Gallipoli, FOXTEL – SHOWCASE


PATRICK BRAMMALL – James Hayes, Glitch, ABC

SAM NEILL – Lang Hancock, House Of Hancock, NINE NETWORK


April 3rd, 2016

The Path – Episodes 1 & 2 – Screen Captures

I have added screen captures from episodes 1 & 2 of The Path. You can click on the thumbnails or gallery links to go to the albums. Also, remember, that The Path’s first two episodes are available for streaming on Hulu. Sign up and get to watching/rewatching now over at Hulu. Let’s show Hulu how much we adore the series and how excited we are for episode 3! And I think we all can agree that Hugh did a phenomenal job in these two episodes. I can see why everyone is praising his portrayal of Cal!

March 31st, 2016

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