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Tempo – High Quality Screen Captures

I have replaced our previous low quality screen captures of Hugh’s project Tempo with high quality captures. The film is available for purchase on itunes and amazon. Also, you might be able to tell that the site has a new main site theme as well as gallery theme. Huge thank you to my friend Megan for creating the main site’s beautiful header!

September 29th, 2016

68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards – Additions

I have added 40 additional high quality images of Hugh attending the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards with his wife Claire. Thank you so much to my friends Mouza from, Alikat from, and Jenna from for sending these our way!

September 19th, 2016

September 18: 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

I have updated our photo archive with 29 high quality images of Hugh attending the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards with his wife Claire Danes. The couple looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet!

September 19th, 2016

The Path Season Two – Behind The Scenes

I have added two sets of Hugh behind the scenes of Season Two of The Path. Thank you to my friend Lah from for sending these our way!

September 1st, 2016

[2015] 007 – Photo Shoot Update

I have updated the gallery with the portrait versions of Hugh’s photo session with Essential Homme back in 2015. In the album, there is an outtake that had not been featured in the digital edition of the magazine. I have included that below. Click on the image to go to the album.

September 1st, 2016

@TheArticleMag – Hugh Dancy Deluxe Edition

You can read my review about the original article magazine here. This review is for the Deluxe Hugh Dancy Edition.

Article Magazine Deluxe Edition arrived in the mail today is safe packaging, which kept it in perfect condition during shipping. And once opened, Hugh’s gorgeous face came into view. Like I had said about the previous edition, everything about ARTICLE is wonderful. Everything feels like I had said in the previous review both professional and authentic. The quality of this item is really high. It is something that when you set it out you just want to keep picking it back up and re-reading, re-browsing. It’s something that makes a statement and this deluxe edition does that as well.

It comes encased in a brand new sleeve, which has images from the photoshoot never before seen in the previous edition. It’s such a gorgeous sleeve that I guarantee you will never want to remove it. The other feature is a brand new 8-page poster booklet, with exclusive unreleased images. And when they say exclusive, they mean it. In this booklet I find my favorite shot of the entire set. It includes Hugh in black and white. I won’t go into detail about this gorgeous shot as I believe it needs to be seen to experience how truly amazing it is, along with the other stunning never before seen photos in the booklet.

The next feature is an A2-size full colour, double-sided fold-out poster of Hugh. Let me tell you what a treat it is to have this poster. It’s something that would go perfect either framed or not, but it is something as a fan I would want to showcase to friends who come to visit. It’s gorgeous. Beautiful. One side has the cover photo for article and the other has the close up image (which I adore).

On a rating scale from 1-100, this would surpass the 100 marker with flying colors. I absolutely adore this and am very satisfied with it as a fan. Anything ARTICLE releases is worth it. Trust me!

You can purchase from them at their store here (deluxe edition) or the original edition here.

August 2nd, 2016

Gallery Additions

I have added a handful of high quality images to our photo archive as well as replaced some older lower quality ones. The full list is below the cut.

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July 27th, 2016

July 18: ‘Privacy’ Opening Night

I have added high quality images of Hugh attending the “Privacy” opening night with his wife Claire Danes to our photo archive. Thank you to my friend Claudia from for sending some of these images our way!

July 19th, 2016

2013: EW – Comic-Con Special

I have added a clipping from Entertainment Weekly’s 2013 Comic-con Special Issue to our photo archive. Thank you so much to my friend Miss Faith from for sending it our way!

July 16th, 2016

Hugh Dancy for WMagazine

Hugh Dancy
The Path (Hulu)
Cal, your character, is the charismatic leader of a religious movement, called Meyerism, which has been described as cultlike. Do you see it that way?
Honestly, at this point I no longer distinguish. I think it’s really true that my cult is your religion.

What was the first part you ever landed?
I was 13 and at this very British school, the kind of school where someone could just come up to you and say, “We’re doing The Tempest next year, and you’re going to be Ariel.” And you would have to say, “Ah, okay…” I didn’t realize at the time I was taking any sort of plunge. Professionally, my first role was in a TV miniseries called Trial and Retribution. I played the acolyte to a serial killer—and I then spent several years after that doing costume dramas, which some would say was more what I was destined for. I’ve had to claw my way back to playing a serial killer’s acolyte.

Dancy wears a Dior Homme shirt.

Grooming by Lauren Kaye Cohen at Tracey Mattingly.
Photography by Mona Kuhn
Styled by Patrick Mackie

June 29th, 2016

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