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[2×09] Shiizakana – Captures, Stills, Behind the Scenes

I have added 1080p captures to our photo archive from episode nine “Shiizakana” of season two of the NBC television series Hannibal. Where Hugh stars as Special Agent Will Graham. I have added additional episode stills, behind the scenes images and twitter hashtag images from Friday’s Hannibal live tweeting event. Big thank you to the accounts that tweeted the images [@NBCHannibal, @lorettaramos, @BryanFuller, @neoprod and @DeLaurentiisCo] as well as The trending on twitter included the following #Hannibal, #PsychicDriving, Jeremy Davies, #EvenSteven, #Wildigo, and Hannibal Rising . If we missed one, please let us know via the comments or our twitter. If you missed the preview for the next episode, you can view it here. The AXN preview for the next episode released which was posted earlier, you can view it here. Last night’s sponsor appreciation was @JEEP put together by the wonderful augustinah (make sure to check her tumblr often for sponsor appreciation posts and more!). Curious about what the Hannibal tags on tumblr have of the episode so far? You can view the Hannibal tag here, the Hugh Dancy tag here and the Will Graham tag here. I have also updated the featured gif in our sidebar to be from a set by, if you would like to reblog/like it you can do so by going here (the link is also included beneath the gif in our sidebar).

April 27th, 2014

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