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Various Additions

I have added the following to our photo archive.

For film and television projects; The Adam soundtrack coverart has been added as well as a high quality episode still from The Big C 2×05 Cats and Dogs and captures from the two episodes Hugh did for “Trial & Retribution” back in 1998.

Screen captures from two interviews — “[April 03, 2013] Hugh Dancy Takes on ‘Hannibal'” and “[November 03, 2009] Perspective: Actor Hugh Dancy Interview”

I have also added some production stills to the Hannibal Season One category that we had been missing. Thanks to Hannibal-Fan.Com and

As for other sections of the site; Our icon archive has a brand new theme along with a bit more icons that I made from various categories as well.

July 27th, 2013

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