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Hannibal and Hugh Discussion Forum

I am very pleased to announce that Hugh-Dancy.Net has now partnered with FanForum.Com. They will now be the forum for Hugh Dancy Fans and I encourage all of our visitors to go check out their site and join for discussion on Hugh and Hannibal. You can also access their forum in the navigation now for Hannibal and in the sidebar for both Hannibal as well as Hugh. Also be sure to check out the other sections for those who have a rather large fandom interest. Thanks so much for visiting! The two links are the following: Hannibal ForumHugh in the Celebrities Forum.

October 26th, 2013

One thought on “Hannibal and Hugh Discussion Forum

  1. Ladyfuschia
    / Reply

    Thank you for this very nice welcome! I really love the idea of this partnership and hope for many great discussions in the future to support Hugh and Hannibal!

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