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TheWrap – StudioWrap Portraits + Interview

I have added five portraits of Hugh from a photo session with TheWrap. You can view the original article here. And the photos by clicking on the thumbnails to go to the album.

You can view a video from TheWrap as well as the interview below:

Hugh Dancy‘s character on Hulu’s “The Path” is so magnetic that even the actor who portrays him couldn’t resist falling under his spell.

On the Hulu original drama, Dancy plays Cal Roberts, the charismatic cult leader of the Meyerist movement. Fans of the series saw him as a villain, but that was a reception Dancy hadn’t predicted while shaping the character and filming the series.

“It turns out I was playing a much darker character than I realized,” the actor told TheWrap. “I was busy justifying him and kind of feeling, basically, sympathy for him. And it turns out I’m pretty much alone in that feeling.”

The series, from creator Jessica Goldberg and executive producer Jason Katims, also stars “Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul and “True Detective” alum Michelle Monaghan as a couple who begin to question their faith and loyalty to Dancy’s reckless leader.

“We all kind of share the load, and we all get to work with each other,” Dancy said of his co-stars. “There’s a lot of dynamics across the show.”

To capture the atmosphere of a real cult, “The Path” films on a real religious compound just outside of New York. The scenic location goes a long way in setting the tone of the show, Dancy explained.

“It’s kind of idyllic,” he said. “It creates the environment of the show to a great degree, just by virtue of being by the Hudson River.”

June 7th, 2016

The Contenders Emmys – Portraits

I have added two portraits of Hugh from The Contenders Emmys to our photo archive.

April 11th, 2016

2009 – Photo Session Addition

I have replaced the previously medium quality images that were in the 003 album from 2009 as well as uploaded an additional four images in high quality. To view the album click on the thumbnails or gallery link below.

February 23rd, 2016

2016 – Photo Archive Additions

I have updated the photo archive with additional images from the two events that Hugh attended this year as well as two high quality portraits from the TCA’s in promotion for The Path. Thank you to my friend Alikat from for sending over additional images from the People’s Choice Awards!

January 12th, 2016

Photo Archive Additions

I have updated our photo archive with the following additions: [2011] 006 has been replaced with higher quality images as well as outtakes thanks to, I have added additional images to [2015] 003 that were previously unseen, and six albums have been added to DVD/Bluray Features in the Hannibal Season Three section.

December 22nd, 2015

Article Magazine – Another Page from Issue Six!

A huge thank you to the amazing people behind Article Magazine for sending us this wonderful image of Hugh. It is a page from issue six of ARTICLE magazine. Taken by photographer Matt Holyoak. If you would like to purchase the issue, please visit this link. Remember the issue includes 16 (gorgeous) full pages of Hugh! Interview (which is amazing by the way) and photo shoot images (literally a must have).

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November 26th, 2015

Issue Six of Article Magazine

My copy of Article Magazine Issue Six arrived in the mail today. The issue is packaged very well to keep the magazine safe. Stated on their site “the whole magazine is encased inside a beautiful sleeve case”, they really do mean beautiful. When holding it in your hands you can really take a look at the beautifully done the sleeve actually is, both professional and authentic. It gives the magazine a feeling of the same degree. Something that is either set out for company to look through or put on show near the merchandise of his films, funkos, etc. It is more like an artful book rather than a magazine, really high quality. It truly is a masterpiece.

I have seen, collected, and read many magazines but this one really does stand out among the crowd.

First, the binding. It is such a unique and beautiful way to hold the magazine together. The pages are filled with many things that I think any fan of art, film, fashion and more would enjoy. Not only did the FULL SIXTEEN BEAUTIFUL pages of Hugh catch my eye but so did everything else within this issue.

The photoshoot, done by the talented Matt Holyoak, really captures the essence of the magazine as well as what I feel is one of Hugh’s best photoshoots to date. I need to take a moment to give ARTICLE MAGAZINE praise for this beautifully crafted issue, the photographer also, and the interviewer! Paul Vaughan is a genius. He really knows how to focus on the interviewee. Paul does his homework, looks into the career of Hugh and seems to really know how to handle this interview. I think it’s one of my favorite interviews so far. It left me feeling happy and enthused about The Path and it was nice with the slips of Cold Feet, The Big C as well as the discussion about Hannibal, Martha Marcy May Marlene and Deadline Gallipoli.

All in all, the people over at Article Magazine KNOW what they are doing and not only do I recommend getting Issue Six, I also recommend picking up other issues as well and keeping an eye on them for their upcoming ones. I am so enthusiastic about this and recommend it to anyone who likes film, art, fashion — or for this issue Hugh! Happy reading!

When your ISSUE SIX of ARTCILE MAGAZINE comes in the mail let us know what you think by tweeting @hughdancyfans and @TheArticleMag your thoughts and enthusiasm on the issue!

You can view the images Article Magazine and Matt Holyoak have shared online in our photo archive.

And you can order your copy or a copy for your friends here.

November 19th, 2015

Article Magazine – Behind The Scenes First Image

Thank you to the great people behind Article Magazine for sending us this exclusive behind the scenes image of Hugh during his photo shoot for Issue Six of Article Magazine. The magazine shoot was taken at Wittenau station in Berlin by photographer Matt Holyoak. You can view the image below as well as in our photo archive. Remember to pre-order your copy of Issue Six now before it hits official newsagents in mid-November. (also if you pre-order now, you can get the collector’s edition of issue six).

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October 8th, 2015

IGN – Comic-Con Portrait

I have added a portrait of Hugh at Comic-Con by IGN to our photo archive.

July 28th, 2015

Comic-Con International: San Diego – Gallery Update

I have added images of Hugh attending Comic-Con International: San Diego to our photo archive. You can view each album by clicking on the links provided below the thumbnails. If I have forgotten to credit a source for the images, please let me know via our social outlets or email. If you would like to donate images from the event, you can do so by contacting us via tumblr and linking to your tag that have the images in them or by contacting us via our email address.

social media images credit: Official NBC Hannibal cast-and-crew list on twitter, @Tattle_Crime, @YahooTV, @EWagmeister, and @ew

July 11th, 2015

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