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Are you a frequent visitor to Hugh Dancy Fans? Have any photos, captures, etc that you see missing in our gallery that you would like to donate to the site? If so, feel free to send them our way to help make HDF the largest fansite for Hugh Dancy on the web. If you would rather donate multimedia or videos, that is welcome as well!

What can you donate?
– News Articles
– Translated articles/biography/facts/etc.
– Event Photos
– Magazine Scans(only positive! no gossip columns, please)
– Rare or hard to find photoshoots
– Screen Captures
– Video Clips
– Icons
– Wallpapers
– Animations
– and more!

Send donations to
Please include how you would like to be credited (link, nickname, etc)

NOTE: If you are having issues with sending the email or fear it has not sent, please use this alternative address:

Respect Hugh’s Privacy
Due to our policy on respecting Hugh’s privacy, we cannot accept any photos that may fall under the category of invasive. (I.E. We do NOT accept personal photos that have not been ‘tweeted’ from official sources or events, candids, gossip articles, etc). If you would like to read more about our policy, please see this link.