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Nina Arianda Interview mentions Hugh

In a new interview by, Nina Arianda along with her co-star Sam Rockwell (Fool For Love) answer questions. You can find the full interview (with gifs!) here.

They mention Hannibal

From HOPE: Loved you in Hannibal, Nina. Who’s the tastiest co-star you’ve ever worked with?
NINA: Sam Rockwell

And Hugh

From NEIL: Nina, you and Hugh Dancy obviously have great stage and screen chemistry. What other show would you like to perform with him?
ARIANDA: I’d do anything with Hugh again. He’s awesome. Hannibal: The Musical! No…
ROCKWELL: What about Private Lives? Noël Coward.
ARIANDA: Yes! I’d like to do Private Lives with Hugh Dancy.
ROCKWELL: Damnit, I was going to do that with you.

For more information on Private Lives, you can click here.

November 13th, 2015

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