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Hannibal Season Two: Production Meeting and Filming date

Martha De Laurentiis tweeted a photo of Hugh attending a season two production meeting today on her twitter, you can view the tweet below(and the image in our photo archive):

Dino DeLaurentiis Co tweeted about @Instyle hosting a party for them tonight and that season two starts shooting tomorrow! (September 10th, 2013)

Gallery Link:
Television Series > Hannibal > Season Two > [September 09, 2013] Production Meeting

September 9th, 2013

August Man Malaysia Behind the Scenes – Video + Captures

Photographed by- Chiun-Kai Shih
Styled by Marcus Teo
Creative Director- Melvin Chan
Grooming by Rheanna White for See Management
Fashion Assistant Nick Whitehouse
Digital Tech- Jackie Zhang
Photo Assisstant Alex Muccilli
Intern Enrico Brunetti + Jenny Tsai
Celebrity Editor Julie Bensman
Video shot by- Daniel Jaffe + Quinn Meyers
Producer- Clarissa Morales
Post Production- Skin Digital
Shot location 250 West St-Tribeca NYC

Gallery Link:
Screen Captures > Photo Sessions > [2013] August Man Malaysia Behind the Scenes

September 5th, 2013

Photo Session 99

I have added a photo session that Hugh did back in 2006 with photographer Kathy deWitt in high quality. Huge thank you to for allowing us to add this wonderful shoot to our site. Be sure to follow their blog to keep up to date on never before seen images and much more!

I have also added captures from two featurettes that were on the UK DVD Season One set of Hannibal to our photo archive here. Huge thank you to jaaamesbaxter for the videos.

Gallery Link:
Photo Sessions > 099

September 1st, 2013

Photo Archive Donations

I have added various images to our photo archive donated by the amazing Lah over at for donating these wonderful photos. Don’t forget to check out the site!

Gallery Links:
Photo Sessions > 035
Photo Sessions > 033
Photo Sessions > 032
Public Appearances > 2004 > [November 30] The British Independent Film Awards
Public Appearances > 2007 > [July 29] Stardust Los Angeles Premiere
Public Appearances > 2009 > [June 28] The closing gala of the Edinburgh International Film Festival
Public Appearances > 2009 > [July 28] Ringing the NASDAQ Stock Market[…]

August 29th, 2013

August Man Addition

I have added another photo from @MrChunkyExpress to our photo archive of Hugh in August Man.

Gallery Link:
Magazines > [September 2013] August Man

August 28th, 2013

New Twitter Photos

Two images of Hugh have popped up on twitter via @culinarydean. They have been added to our photo archive and you can view the tweets below.

Gallery Link:
Miscellaneous > Various

August 25th, 2013

Photo Archive Additions

I have replaced various images from the following photo sessions: 66, 85, 46, and 49 with better quality. Sessions 18 and 99 have been merged together and replaced with better quality as well. I have also added additional images to the Elizabeth I category.

All of this has been donated by the amazing blog Remember to send a lot of love their way for allowing us to post these!

Gallery Links:
Photo Sessions > 018
Photo Sessions > 046
Photo Sessions > 049
Photo Sessions > 066
Photo Sessions > 085
Television Series > Elizabeth I > Production Stills and Promotional Images
Television Series > Elizabeth I > Educational Guide
Television Series > Elizabeth I > Character and Costumes
Television Series > Elizabeth I > Sets and Vision

August 24th, 2013

Journey’s End Press Conference – Additions

I have added 22 high quality additions of Hugh attending the Journey’s End Press Conference back on January 10th in 2007.

Gallery Link:
Photocall’s and Press Conferences > 2007 > [January 10] Journey’s End Press Conference

August 24th, 2013

Elizabeth I and Public Appearances

I have added images from the Elizabeth I official hbo site to our photo archive.

As well as additional donated images. Huge thanks to Lah from; Be sure to check out the site!

Gallery Links:
Television Series > Elizabeth I > Official Site
Television Series > Elizabeth I > Educational Guide
Public Appearances > 2004 > [November 30] The British Independent Film Awards
Public Appearances > 2005 > [February 09] The 25th Annual Awards of The London Film Critics Circle in Aid of the NSPCC
Public Appearances > 2006 > [June 26] The Milan Burberry Prorsum 2007 spring summer collection at Milan fashion week

August 23rd, 2013

August Man – Date and Teasers

We have received confirmation about the date Hugh’s issue of August Man will be released via the photographer’s twitter. You can view that below:

Remember to mark your calendars and pick up your copy of the magazine! The date has also been added into our ‘Important Dates’ section on the site.

We have added two additional teasers for August Man to our photo archive.

Gallery Links:
Magazines > [September 2013] August Man

August 23rd, 2013

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