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April 3rd, 2016

Issue Six of Article Magazine

My copy of Article Magazine Issue Six arrived in the mail today. The issue is packaged very well to keep the magazine safe. Stated on their site “the whole magazine is encased inside a beautiful sleeve case”, they really do mean beautiful. When holding it in your hands you can really take a look at the beautifully done the sleeve actually is, both professional and authentic. It gives the magazine a feeling of the same degree. Something that is either set out for company to look through or put on show near the merchandise of his films, funkos, etc. It is more like an artful book rather than a magazine, really high quality. It truly is a masterpiece.

I have seen, collected, and read many magazines but this one really does stand out among the crowd.

First, the binding. It is such a unique and beautiful way to hold the magazine together. The pages are filled with many things that I think any fan of art, film, fashion and more would enjoy. Not only did the FULL SIXTEEN BEAUTIFUL pages of Hugh catch my eye but so did everything else within this issue.

The photoshoot, done by the talented Matt Holyoak, really captures the essence of the magazine as well as what I feel is one of Hugh’s best photoshoots to date. I need to take a moment to give ARTICLE MAGAZINE praise for this beautifully crafted issue, the photographer also, and the interviewer! Paul Vaughan is a genius. He really knows how to focus on the interviewee. Paul does his homework, looks into the career of Hugh and seems to really know how to handle this interview. I think it’s one of my favorite interviews so far. It left me feeling happy and enthused about The Path and it was nice with the slips of Cold Feet, The Big C as well as the discussion about Hannibal, Martha Marcy May Marlene and Deadline Gallipoli.

All in all, the people over at Article Magazine KNOW what they are doing and not only do I recommend getting Issue Six, I also recommend picking up other issues as well and keeping an eye on them for their upcoming ones. I am so enthusiastic about this and recommend it to anyone who likes film, art, fashion — or for this issue Hugh! Happy reading!

When your ISSUE SIX of ARTCILE MAGAZINE comes in the mail let us know what you think by tweeting @hughdancyfans and @TheArticleMag your thoughts and enthusiasm on the issue!

You can view the images Article Magazine and Matt Holyoak have shared online in our photo archive.

And you can order your copy or a copy for your friends here.

November 19th, 2015

Deadline Gallipoli – Additional Images

I have added one new image of poster/artwork as well as three additional promotional images from Deadline Gallipoli to our photo archive.

November 5th, 2015

UKTV’s Drama Channel Acquires Australian Mini ‘Deadline Gallipoli’

UKTV’s Drama channel has acquired the exclusive first run UK broadcast rights to Australian World War I miniseries Deadline Gallipoli after striking a deal with international distributor NBCUniversal International Television Distribution, TVWise has learned.

Deadline Gallipoli tells the story of the World War I campaign from the point of view of war correspondents Charles Bean, Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, Phillip Schuler and Keith Murdoch, who lived through the campaign and bore witness to the extraordinary events that unfolded in 1915. The defiance of these first war correspondents ignited a change in the campaign’s course and whose commitment to the stories of the men turned the war from a strategic failure into a triumph of the human spirit.

The two-part miniseries was commissioned by Australian broadcaster Foxtel, who aired Deadline Gallipoli on their Showcase channel earlier this year. It is produced by the NBCU owned Matchbox Pictures (The Slap) and stars Sam Worthington (Avatar), Hugh Dancy (Hannibal), Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under), Bryan Brown (Old School), Ewen Leslie (The Railway Man), Jessica De Gouw (Arrow), Anna Torv (Fringe), John Bell, James Fraser (Devil’s Playground), Charles Dance (Game Of Thrones) and newcomer Joel Jackson

This is the second first run drama acquisition for UKTV’s Drama channel in the past year. Previously, the channel was exclusively a library channel, but they moved into first run drama earlier this year when the struck a deal with Zodiak Rights for the UK rights to U.S. syndicated drama The Pinkertons, which is presently airing on the channel on Sunday nights at 8pm.

Speaking shortly after the deal for The Pinkertons was announced, UKTV’s Head of Acquisitions and Co-Productions Alexandra Finlay told TVWise that the kind of first-run dramas the company was looking to acquire for Drama were pieces with a “nostalgic quality”. “It’s things people are familiar with because they’ve seen it before, or it’s a familiar title, or a familiar character”, she said. “So it’s less about, for example with Alibi having that core procedural remit, than it is about speaking to a particular tone. It’s a little bit softer”. source

September 8th, 2015

Image Replacements and Additions

I have added more images to the Deadline Gallipoli album as well as replaced the Hannibal season three promotional images with higher quality. Thanks to FarFarAwaySite for these images! Please remember to like/reblog/credit them for the images! /

May 15th, 2015

Deadline Gallipoli: The Full Story – Screen Captures

I have added screen captures of Hugh in Deadline Gallipoli: The Full Story to our photo archive.

April 27th, 2015

Deadline Gallipoli: The Full Story

[KGVID width=”480″ height=”268″][/KGVID]

Made For Foxtel
World Premiere
Saturday, April 25th at 7:30pm (1×60’)

Presented and narrated by Sam Worthington, Deadline Gallipoli -The Full Story is an exhilarating documentary, which follows the making of the landmark drama mini-series about four journalists who fought the upper echelons of the military to get the truth out about the audacious but ill-fated Gallipoli campaign of 1915.

This is the untold story of the journalists who battled against a brutal censorship regime imposed during WW1 – the story at the heart of the politically charged, high-octane drama – is a story of our times. The gulf between the Gallipoli campaign and the theatre of modern war may span a century, but the struggle to find the truth in war reportage, often skewed by propaganda, mythmaking and censorship, remains as challenging today as it was in 1915.

The documentary explores the drama producers’ decision to tell a well-known story from a new angle. Theirs is the point of view of the four journalists: Charles Bean, Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, Phillip Schuler and Keith Murdoch who find themselves unable to report the truth they bear witness to. Though they understand that truth may sometimes be a casualty of war, the futility and carnage starts to weigh heavily on them. Two of them mount an offensive of their own with extraordinary results. These are the first truly embedded war correspondents whose actions and defiance ignite a change in the campaign’s course and whose commitment to the stories of fighting men turn Gallipoli from a strategic failure into legend. / source

April 22nd, 2015

Deadline Gallipoli – Part Two: Screen Captures

I have added screen captures of Hugh in part two of the two part mini series, Deadline Gallipoli. You can view the album in our photo archive by clicking on the thumbnails below. Remember to use the #DeadlineGallipoli hashtag on twitter when tweeting about the series and let the official @Foxtel, @ShowcaseAus and @MatchboxPics social outlets know how much you enjoyed the series!

April 20th, 2015

Deadline Gallipoli – Part One: Screen Captures

I have added screen captures of Hugh in part one of the two part mini series, Deadline Gallipoli. You can view the album in our photo archive by clicking on the thumbnails below. Remember to tune in Monday at 8.30pm on Showcase to view the second part!

Another article about the mini series popped up on the web, you can view it by clicking the link below:

April 20th, 2015

Deadline Gallipoli Press Articles and New Images

I have added two new images to our photo archive in the Deadline Gallipoli category, one still as well as a promotional image.

Various press articles have popped up around the web. You can click on each title below to read them.

April 18th, 2015

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