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EW First Look: The Path

The Path (March 30, Hulu)
It’s an unseasonably warm December day on the set of Hulu’s new drama The Path, and deep in the woods about 90 minutes north of New York City one of its stars, Hugh Dancy, is covered head to toe in mud. “It’s getting a bit itchy,” he says with a grin. That’s pretty much all he (and we) can say as to why he’s so dirty, since part of the fun of this eerie and twisty show — about a family at the center of a controversial religious movement — is guessing what’s around the next turn. Even its actors aren’t immune: “When I got to the end of the first episode I wanted to know what comes next, which is ridiculous because I know what comes next,” Dancy says. –Sara Vilkomerson

Aaron Paul, who plays protagonist Eddie Lane, a husband and father struggling with a crisis of faith, sums things up a bit differently. “S— is about to get real messed up,” he says with a laugh. Indeed. For Paul, choosing a television project to follow the acclaimed Breaking Bad was daunting. “I was very nervous simply because I was a part of what I consider to be the best,” he says. “This is different, but it has that same excitement. When I read scripts I cannot wait to turn the page.” His TV wife, Monaghan, agrees. “It sounds weird to say about this show, but it’s felt kind of blessed.” –Sara Vilkomerson

In March, Hulu will debut The Path, a drama that follows a family at the center of a controversial religious movement. In his first big role since his award-winning turn as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul portrays Eddie Lane, a convert to Meyerism suffering a crisis of faith. Click through for more exclusive photos of the eerie, twisty series, including Hugh Dancy as the movement’s unofficial leader.

Cal Roberts (Hugh Dancy)
Cal is the charismatic, unofficial leader of The Meyerist Movement.

Sarah Lane (Michelle Monaghan)
Born into a Meyerist family, Sarah Lane serves as an important figure in the movement.

Hawk Lane (Kyle Allen) and Ashley Fields (Amy Forsyth)
Hawk is Eddie and Sarah’s teenage son, and Ashley is a popular classmate of Hawk’s who is not a member of Meyerism.

Alison Kemp (Sarah Jones)
Alison is a defector of the Meyerism movement.

Alison Kemp (Sarah Jones)
Alison is a defector of the Meyerism movement.

Detective Abe Gaines (Rockmond Dunbar)
Detective Abe Gaines (Rockmond Dunbar)

Head here for more exclusive intel on The Path, from our First Look issue on stands now or available for purchase here.

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December 30th, 2015

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