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Entertainment Weekly: 10 Best TV Shows of 2014

You can view the online article quote below, I have also uploaded the magazine scan to our photo archive thanks to my friend Luciana over at for sending it our way!

10. Hannibal (NBC)
This engrossing transmutation of Lecter pulp into TV serial dared to depict pop cult’s loony romance with evil as a literal doomed one. Hugh Dancy’s Will tried to beat Mads Mikkelsen’s cannibal at his own game—and wound up gutted by his adversary. Along the twisted path, the show explored themes of transcendence and transgression in intimacy, religion, art, and dining. The audacity of the subject matter was matched by the inventiveness of its presentation. Hannibal is like the roasted bird Will and Lecter swallowed during their last supper, ”a rare but debauched delicacy.” / source

December 5th, 2014

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